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VRLTA Legacy Membership

Celebrating 75 years of the Virginia Restaurant Association

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Virginia Restaurant Association, which was absorbed into the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association (VRLTA) in 1993. VRLTA is launching a Restaurant Legacy Membership program this summer to commemorate this milestone and celebrate the storied history of the Virginia restaurant community.


Eligible restaurants will receive a FREE, lifetime membership to the VRLTA* - all you need to do is apply! Legacy members will receive all of the phenomenal benefits that come with being a member of VRLTA, and will also be featured in several programs that celebrate 75 years of the Virginia Restaurant Association. To be eligible for this exclusive opportunity, your restaurant must meet the following criteria:

 - Your restaurant must have been originally established in Virginia - 

- Your restaurant must have been in continuous operation for at least 50 years - 

We will announce the full list of awarded legacy memberships later this summer.

* One membership awarded per restaurant.

Please upload any historical photos of your restaurant:


NOTE: By uploading photos to this application, you are certifying that you have the proper usage rights to share all assets submitted, and that they may be used for marketing purposes.

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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